Friday, 16 January 2015

New Year, New Job

By Helen

I've been a bit quiet on this blog over the past few months, mostly because I was in the final throes of writing up my PhD thesis. I finally completed that task in December, and after a bit of R & R over the Christmas break I've now returned to the 3S research group at UEA as a senior research associate, looking at public participation in and around the energy system. Initially I'm working on the Realising Transition Pathways (EPSRC) project, following up on the Making energy publics workshop which I helped to organised in April last year. I'll produce a full report of the workshop soon and then we're hoping to write a review paper based on some of the themes of the workshop.

Beyond this my main plans for the year are to get on with writing up some papers based on my PhD thesis, and to get back into regularly blogging about my work. I'm excited to get back into reading new literature and to learn more about energy politics. There are also a few pending bits of job news which I'll hopefully be able to share on here shortly.

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